Coronavirus in Lake Como, Italy, Villa Ponti Bellavista Part 5 - Cooking! 

by Barbara Biggs | April 7 2021

Here we are in it must be our fourth lockdown. We have no guests, and won't until at least 1 May. Like all of Italy, and the world, we pray the economy will open again with the warmer weather at least (more...)

Coronavirus in Lake Como, Italy, Villa Ponti Bellavista Part 4

by Barbara Biggs | Dec 1, 2020

We have been luckier than many during this terrible covid year. We have had enough bookings to cover our expenses. Many property owners around the world, and here in Italy, have not been so lucky. Our bookings were much longer than usual, and virtually all Europeans. I don’t think a single person arrived on a flight – all drove from near or far. (...more)

Coronavirus in Lake Como, Italy, Villa Ponti Bellavista Part 3

by Barbara Biggs | May 4, 2020

4 May 1221 new cases and 195 new deaths

Excellent figures to begin relaxing of the lockdown.

I left home at 8.15 after finishing my Wim Hof breathing and immersing myself in the freezing cold water of the small balance pool. No time for yoga this morning. But I did take these two lovely photos of sunrise over the Lecco arm of Lake Como the day our lives began again. (more...)

Coronavirus in Lake Como, Italy, Villa Ponti Bellavista Part 2

by Barbara Biggs | May 2, 2020

2 May 1965 new cases 269 deaths

I’ve been busy creating the vegetable garden. Not only for my own pleasure, but because we expect only Italian guests this summer…and possibly for the next year or two. And for the first time making the apartment garden more beautiful and functional with herbs. With the coronavirus, this year booking inquiries have all been from Italians, and usually for 1-3 months. This means villa managers, this year Chanel and I, are expecting to be living down there most of the time. Our Milanese family are still here, entering their third month and will stay at least until the end of May. (more…)

Coronavirus at Villa Ponti Bellavista, Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Apr 20, 2020

Mid-February 2020 – 3 cases in Italy

When my friend and business partner DJ suggested in mid-February that we should start thinking about how the coronavirus might affect our villa rentals this year, I rolled my eyes on the other end of the line. I didn’t give it another thought. (more…)

Cycling holiday on Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Nov 23, 2019

A Cycling holiday is one of the best ways to see Lake Como. The pace lends itself to exploring places cars whizz past, barely noticing the beauty hiding behind the corners of the road. And cycling with a group of friends, staying in a private villa, where you can take a ferry to every part of the Lake Como and explore a different mountain peak or flat stretch of road meandering through small lakeside villages every day is a dream. (more…)

Your relaxing boating holiday around Lake Como

by Barbara Biggs | Nov 19, 2019

Ferries or Boats, the best way to see Lake Como, is from the water. Dramatic vistas, snow capped mountain ranges falling into the lake, sunsets, sun and moon rises to equal no others in the world, nothing can compare to the scenery on Lake Como that has made it a favorite of writers and artists for centuries. (more…)

Travel to Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Nov 16, 2019

Travelling to Villa Ponti Bellavista can be a delightful adventure, either arriving on a ferry, by road or even a helicopter from the airport – we have a helipad five minutes walk from the villa making travel to Lake Como extremely easy. (more…)

Restoration of Mid-Century Villa by 1960s architect Gio Ponti in Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Oct 31, 2019

When we first bought the Villa Ponti Bellavista, designed by Italy’s most famous architect, Gio Ponti, we thought the renovation would be a simple one. All the original 1960s bathrooms were intact, without a single broken tile, the original marble and wooden floors were in perfect condition and we thought it just needed a lick of paint. (more…)

Spring and Autumn on Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Oct 31, 2019

Many people who visit Bellagio and Lake Como in general, find the crowds can be daunting in the high summer season of June, July and August. Those who holiday in September benefit from the same fantastic sunny weather but less tourists to share it with as the children have gone back to school and the streets are empty again. There are better deals on accommodation and most of the services, like boat hire, restaurants and historic villa visits are still operating. (more…)

Christmas and New Year at Villa Ponti Bellavista, Lake Como, Italy

by Barbara Biggs | Oct 29, 2019

Although many hotels, shops and restaurants in Lake Como close down for the winter, many reopen again for Christmas and New Year when local and traditional celebrations take on a different, more intimate atmosphere. It becomes like a fairytale winter wonderland. (more…)

The Best Places to Stay on Lake Como

by Barbara Biggs | Jan 9, 2019

The first time I visited Lago di Como, I thought that of course, the village of Como would be the best place to stay. I knew nothing about the Lake but wanted to be in the heart of the action. (more…)

Golfing On Lake Como

by Barbara Biggs | Jan 7, 2019

For those who love to golf, not only is the course itself important, but the location of it is paramount. Lake Como has some of the most beautiful golf courses in the world. (more…)

The Top 10 Most Luxurious Villas On Lake Como

by Barbara Biggs | Dec 17, 2018

While finding the right luxury villa on Lake Como is the main priority for high end guests looking to book a unique vacation experience, on arrival, nothing can prepare you for the scenic beauty of the lake itself. Lago di Como has inspired poets and writers from as far back as ancient Roman times, with Pliny and Virgil having written about it. Which is, of course, why owners have been inspired to engage the best architects to design these homes in the first place. (more…)

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